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L. Jane Bourgoin

L. Jane Bourgoin

L. Jane Bourgoin has been a paralegal for over 30 years, with extensive civil litigation and corporate experience. Since 1993, she has provided paralegal services to attorneys and corporate legal departments on a contract basis. Jane specializes in complex commercial litigation, heavy construction litigation, legal and accountant malpractice, and trial preparation. She has worked in large and small firms in Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado and Wyoming. Her recent experience includes an intense multi-jurisdictional matter which involved travel and coordination with attorneys all over the country.

Jane began her career as a paralegal advocate in Maine's legal aid program, where she directly represented clients at administrative hearings, elicited direct testimony and cross-examined adverse witnesses. That experience taught her first-hand what an attorney needs to have available in order to adequately represent clients in court, and has been invaluable in her trial preparation work ever since.

In addition to her litigation experience, Jane has a solid five years background in corporate law, including the legal department of a large international construction firm, where she obtained an understanding of cases through a client's perspective.

Areas of Significant Expertise
  • Breach of Contract

  • Complex Litigation

  • Construction Law

  • Corporate Law/Securities

  • Environmental (Superfund) Litigation

  • Professional Malpractice

Responsibilities and Specific Skills
  • Case and Document Management

  • E-Discovery

  • Database Design/Coding/Computer Systems

  • Drafting Legal Documents

  • Witness and Exhibit Preparation/Imaging

  • Fact Investigation

  • Legal, Medical and other Research

  • Trial Preparation/Trial Work

  • Demonstrative Evidence/Graphic Design

  • Deposition Digests

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