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Proficiency + Profitability!

  •  Saves time and money - for you and for your client

  •  Enables you to meet impossible deadlines and unexpected workloads

  •  Eliminates the need for additional office space or equipment

  •  Eliminates the need for time-consuming On-the-Job training

  •  Enables you to staff complex, specialized or unusual matters with an experienced paralegal

  •  Frees you from having to make long-term employment commitments for the occasional large case or transaction

  •  Minimizes employer paperwork

  •  Costs you nothing in

    •  Worker's Compensation

    •  Unemployment insurance

    •  Employer social security and other taxes

    •  Employee benefits

When should YOU consider using a CFPN paralegal?

  •  For projects requiring extensive knowledge and experience

  •  For special projects requiring the work of additional experienced people

  •  When business volume is heavier than usual and quality temporary assistance is needed

  •  When the workload requires another “full-time employee” but you don’t know how long this will be the case

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